SHOC are experts in root cause analysis which highlights any ongoing or potential problems with underground and overhead strikes, damages or near misses that involves electricity cables or lines including other utilities in accordance with HSG47 and GS6 by means of seminars and awareness sessions. This would involve an open and honest discussion involving all levels of relevant staff. This is the ideal awareness session after Cable Avoidance, Overhead Training or associated presentations to assist in reducing accidents and costs in the workplace.

The seminar and awareness sessions would consist of an investigation where existing risk assessments and safe systems of works are already in place, however, contact with underground, overhead including all utilities are still occurring, thus increasing the potential for serious incidents and injury to staff and costs to the organisation.

Using Health and Safety Guidance HSG47 and Health and Safety Guidance Notes GS6 (Fourth Edition). With a combined 65 years experience working with underground and overhead electric cables we are able to identify situations where complacency may have set in or existing risk assessments and safe systems of works require modifying and re-assessing.